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 Rules (A Shinobi's Guidelines)

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PostSubject: Rules (A Shinobi's Guidelines)   Rules (A Shinobi's Guidelines) Icon_minitimeSat Jul 17, 2010 6:48 pm

Registration Rules
1. Follow the Template
2. Await approval for Character, Jutsu, Summoning, Jutsu and Ranking Improvement, And Mission Reports ( The Hokage will approve as soon as possible)
3. Your username must be the name of your character

Common Rules:

1. Description of scenes of death, gore, blood are allowed on this forum.
2. Members who hold a Ranking (Genin, Chuunin, Anbu, Kage, etc.) and who are not online for a week or more, without letting the admin know will lose their status.
3. Your Hokage is the one who makes all decisions on this site.
4. There must be no rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or flaming attacks to admins or other members this will result in bans depending on severity of the actions.
6. Member's avatar should represent the character they're playing.

Game Rules:

1. The person's character must act exactly like he/she described him/her/it when they submitted the profile. For example if you said your char is emo, you cannot make him run around happily
2. You cannot just kill another character just like that, be detailed - phrases like "I came and stabbed him in the head" will be ignored and deleted.
3. You cannot describe other character's actions.
4. Don't create superheroes, it's going to be boring to play (Everyone can do it so why?).
5. You cannot do 100 actions at the same time in one post.
6. Play logically - If your character can't clone him/her, he/she cannot be in two places at the same time. (if he/she can clone themselves they may not leave the village general area meaning they cannot travel to another village while the original stays in another)
7. Be patient. Not everyone can sit on the computer all day - wait for other characters to reply.
8. If you're going to be absent more then 15 days, you should Post your absence in the absence board and have it approved or denied by THE HOKAGE ONLY !, and preferably act out your character's disappearance.

Post Rules:

1. Your messages must be at least 5 full sentences long.
2. You can only write in third and first person's side of view, without using the asterisks (meaning no *eats an apple*)
3. Your message should contain actions, thoughts and speech of your character
Your character's thoughts are to be written in italics.
Speech and dialogs are to be written in bold.
4. You must always write where did you come from and to what topic you're going to go.

Character Rules:

1. No Bijuu
2. If you have a bloodline ability, you may only possess two chakra natures.

Have fun do not take this game seriously. It is just that ONLY A GAME
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Rules (A Shinobi's Guidelines)
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