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 Mochiro Uchiha Chunnin Exam Application

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Marrik Hyuuga
Tenth Hokage
Marrik Hyuuga


Mochiro Uchiha Chunnin Exam Application Empty
PostMochiro Uchiha Chunnin Exam Application

Charcter Name: Mochiro Uchiha

Character Rank: Genin

Chunnin Exam: As a Genin I did various missions for Lord Hokage. Most of these missions helped Lord Hokage, other villages and myself. During my term as a Genin I used moves that I am not able to learn by using my Sharingan. It was only for that battle that I was able to use those techniques, such as the Water ninjutsu that Zabuza of the dead used that I copied with my Sharingan. Being a simple Genin most of the missions Ive done people thought I would fail on. I went on a Mission with Kirachi, one of Lord Hokages most trusted Anbu members, and his teammates Kimi and Dhato.
Also as a Genin I sparred with Lord Hokage, and Sabaku_un_Nato. My spar with sabaku was challengeing. But the spar with Lord Hokage was intense, and life changing. The second spar with Lord Hokage ended up with both of us in the hospital. Me and Lord Hokage constently sparred getting ready for the fight with Madara and the akatski, day after day we trained.

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Mochiro Uchiha Chunnin Exam Application :: Comments

Marrik Hyuuga
Re: Mochiro Uchiha Chunnin Exam Application
Post on Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:25 pm by Marrik Hyuuga

Mochiro Uchiha Chunnin Exam Application

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